About me

My name is Dutter Folkerman and I developed my creams with the intent of having a product that’s pure and organic without any harmful additives.

As a nurse for more than a lifetime, I have always worked to progress health.

I have therefore sought out pure products for my skin care, and must conclude that additives are commonly added, which can be harmful to both skin and body.

For this reason I have throughout the past years developed my own products and I’m now establishing Folkersund.

Firstly I developed Nr 1 as I often deal with muscle pain and found, that not only is the cream helping with pain relief, but it also has a long lasting pain relieving effect because of the essential oils, that’s added.

This encouraged me to make the next couple of creams, which both have similar positive effects from the essential oils added.

I hope that others will have the same experience and therefore also enjoy the positive effects of Folkersund creams.